A Tool to Make Your Next Threesome the Perfect One!

The WishCard Maker from BoomBoomMe.com is an innovative tool to help mongers find compatible partners. The tool will allow you to select a number of criteria that you personally select from a host of options in English. Once you have completed your selections simply go to the "WishCard" Tab and click the "Create WishCard" button. In seconds a custom card will be formatted and ready for printing.

The WishCard is printed with the English version on the left and the Thai or Filipino version on the right. Cut it out and fold on the center line and you will be ready to start your hunt.

The WishCard runs 100% within the framework of Microsoft Word which allows for flexible formatting, ability to Edit and save for later use. The WishCard Maker is compatible with MS Word 2000 and later.
To allow the code in the template to execute and create the cards certain security (macro) settings may need to be change in Word. Please see Help and Instructions for additional information.

All statements in Thai and Filipino Languages have been translated professionally by Thai and Filipino nationals and are written in polite and non-offensive form.

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Help and Instructions

Samples Thai Tagalog

Click to the right for samples available in Thai and Tagalog languages. They may be viewed as PDF or in HTML format.




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Do not open these templates to view in your browser; it will not work.
Use the "Save As ..." to store them locally, then double-click on the file using Windows Explorer (My Computer) to start a new WishCard document.

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