Public Bar Closures in Thailand 2015, 2016 and 2017

Public Holidays & Bar
Closures in Thailand


Likelihood of Mandated Bar Closure


 There is no history of mandated bar closure


 Unlikely, closure may have happened or announced before

 Moderate / unpredictable. Area/region specific


 High likelihood of mandatory bar closure


 Historically always mandatory bar closure

 Recent development / No established historic data


 Bar closure usually means no music or alcohol served
 All likelihoods are based on history & announcements

Actual Status

No bar closure mandated

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Archived Data

Bar closure mandated or sale of alcohol not allowed

Mixed Rulings, See Archives

Generally no bar closure. Few exceptions. See Archives

Actual mandates may vary between different Thai jurisdictions.

Exceptions to the Rules & Reality

In addition to the days listed bars are often mandated to close on certain local and national election days

Name of Thai Holiday/Festivals
and Description








Mandated Bar Closure
Likelihood or Actual

Historical Data
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2008 - 2015

New Year's Day

The beginning of the western New Year is a national holiday in Thailand, one of three "new year" holidays celebrated every year.

01 Jan 2018

01 Jan 2017

01 Jan 2016

No History of Closure

Chinese New Year

The beginning of the Chinese lunar year is celebrated in the Chinatowns of every city throughout Thailand. Some businesses close for the day, but it is not a national holiday.

16 Feb 2018

28 Jan 2017

08 Feb 2016

No History of Closure

Magha Puja / Makha Bucha

Makha Bucha celebrates the Buddha's first sermon in to his disciples.

01 Mar  2018

11 Feb 2017

22 Feb


General Closures Archives

Chakri Day

Chakri Day commemorates the founding of the current dynasty by its first king, Rama I.

06 Apr 2018

06 Apr 2017

06 Apr


No History of Closure


Songkran is the traditional Thai New Year, generally celebrated as a water festival. Be prepared to get soaked. Note: In some tourist areas Songkran may be observed for as long as a full week. In Pattaya the last (and wildest) day is April 19.

13 Apr
14 Apr
15 Apr

13-15 Apr


13-15 Apr


No History of Closure

Thailand Labor Day

International Labor Day is also celebrated as a national holiday, even though there isn't much ado about it. Few businesses may be closed.

01 May 2018

01 May 2017

01 May 2016

No History of Closure

Coronation Day

5 May Celebrated the day when king Rama IX was crowned in 1949.  On 11 April 2017 the cabinet canceled this holiday, A new coronation date will be announced after the cremation of Rama IX

Read article from Bangkok Post


05 May


05 May

05 May 2016

No History of Closure

Visakha Bucha / Vesak Day

The holiest Buddhist holiday celebrates the birth, enlightenment and entry into nirvana of the Buddha.

29 May  2018

10 May 2017

20 May 2016

General Closures

Royal Ploughing Ceremony

An ancient royal rite held in Thailand to mark the traditional beginning of the rice-growing season. Though the date is based on a lunar calendar it is not specific to full moon.

TBA 2018

12 May 2017

09 May 2016

No History of Closure

Asalha Puja Day

Commemorates the Buddha's first sermon in the Deer Park in Benares and the founding of the Buddhist sangha.

27 Jul 2018

08 Jul 2017

19 Jul

General Closures

Buddhist Lent Day (Wan Khao Phansa)

This day marks the beginning of the Buddhist 'lent' period, a time when monks are supposed to retreat to their temples while new life springs forth. Click Archives for 2017 date specifics.

28 Jul  2018

09 Jul 2017

20 Jul 2016

General Closures

H.M. The King's Birthday (Rama X)

His Majesty king Maha Vajiralongkorn sworn in 1 Dec 2016. Marked a public holiday, no announcements concerning bar closures.
See also 5 Dec

Read article from Bangkok Post

28 Jul 2018

28 Jul 2017



H.M. The Queen's Birthday

Her Majesty the Queen's birthday is a nat'l holiday and also serves as the country's Mothers' Day. Closures rare. See Archives

12 Aug 2018

12 Aug 2017

12 Aug 2016

Closures Rare

End of Buddhist Lent Day (Wan Awk Phansa)

This day marks the end of the Buddhist 'lent' period or the Rains Retreat. Announced as a mandatory bar closure starting 2015

24 Oct 2018

06 Oct 2017

16 Oct 2016

Recent  Closure

The Passing of Rama IX

Rama IX, His Majesty Bhumibol Adulyadej, passed on 13 October 2017. There has been no words whether this will affect bars.

Read article from Bangkok Post

13 Oct 2018

13 Oct 2017



Thod Kathin (Kathina)

Presentation of Monk's Robes after Rains Retreat following the end of the Buddhist lent.

25 Oct 2018

07 Oct 2017

17 Oct 2016

No History of Closure

Chulalongkorn Memorial Day

Celebration of the death anniversary of Thailand's one of the most revered kings, Rama V.

23 Oct 2018

23 Oct 2017

23 Oct 2016

No History of Closure

Royal Funeral, H. M. The King Rama IX

The Royal funeral for HM King Rama IX, October 25 to 29.   The cremation will on October 26 which will be a public holiday . Nothing confirmed there are wide spread rumors about business and bar closures though scaled down entertainment will be in effect. 
What’s Closed in Bangkok During the Royal Funeral



24 Oct 2017



Loy Krathong

While it is not a national holiday, it is an evening when Thais pay respect to the goddess of the waters by floating candlelit offerings on any and all waterways around the kingdom

23 Nov 2018

04 Nov 2017

15 Nov 2016

No History of Closure

H.M. The King's Birthday (Rama IX) - Farther' Day

His Majesty the (late) King's birthday has been celebrated as a national holiday as well as the country's Fathers Day and will remain so, but with no post mortal history.   See Archives.

05 Dec 2018

05 Dec 2017

05 Dec 2016


Thai Constitution Day

Celebrates the date in 1932 when the country was granted its first constitution.

10 Dec 2018

10 Dec 2017

10 Dec 2016

No History of Closure

New Years' Eve

The day before the Western New Year day is always marked a national holiday.

31 Dec 2018

31 Dec 2017

31 Dec 2016

No History of Closure

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